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Prepaid Electric is a company focused on helping to support and protect the Property Investor's electricity accounts by means of Prepaid Metering.  Our Sub meters are the affordable answer to situations where:

 a) More than one property is leased on the same premises

 b) Landlords want to rest assured that they are not left with unpaid electricity bills after a tenant has moved out.


Sub Metering

Manage your Rental Properties with Prepaid Sub Meters. Learn more...

Sub Meter Advantages

Read more about why a Sub Meter is the best solution for Investors.  Learn more...

Prepaid Sub Meters

View information about our various Prepaid Sub Meters avaialble. Learn more...


Why should I apply for a Sub Meter?

Why is a Sub Meter the best solution for Investors and Home Owners and what are the advantages of getting a Prepaid Sub Meter? 


Our Prepaid meters are STS compliant and therefore fully approved and backed by Eskom.


With Prepaid Sub Meters, tenants can monitor and manage their consumption more easily.



By using a Sub Prepaid Meter, you will never get an unexpected electricity bill.

Investor Assurance

Prepaid Sub Meters allows the ability to implement vending blocks in case of non-payment of rent


How to apply for a Prepaid Sub Meter

Getting a Prepaid Sub Meter is as easy as One, Two Three...


Select Required Meter

Visit our products page and browse through all the available Prepaid Sub Meters.  


Buy Your Meter

After you have read through all the specifications on the various meters we have avaialble, select the meter that best suits your needs and buy it.


Complete Application

Once you have bought your meter from our online store, you will receive an application form.  Please complete and send back to us.